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Privacy Policy of Thailand Prime Property Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust

1. Our Privacy Policy

Thailand Prime Property Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust or TPRIME, by Kasikorn Asset Management Company Limited and SCCP REIT Company Limited (“Company” or “REIT Manager”) as Trustee and REIT Manager respectively. We respect and prioritize the data privacy protection of the customers and TPRIME users. This Privacy Policy has therefore been created to inform you regarding what data TPRIME has collected or will collect, how to use and share your data and what legal rights you have in relation to your personal data.

2. Security Measures

TPRIME has established appropriate personal data security measures which require that the collection of personal data must be limited to the extent necessary in concerning the lawful purpose and the access to such data must be strictly restricted solely to those employees who authorized access.

3. What Personal Data Do We Collect

We may collect and maintain the following data which may include the data when you visit our website, use our services and communicate or enter into an agreement with TPRIME in relation to the business operation of TPRIME, including but not limited to the following

4. Sources of Personal Data

We may collect your personal data through the following platforms:

5. The Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Data

The collection and use of your personal data are only to the extent of our lawful purpose which is necessary for and in accordance with the purpose of managing and providing services of TPRIME, maintaining security, complying with the law and performing a task carried out in the public interest.

6. Data Disclosure

Your personal data will not be disclosed except for disclosure in accordance with the aforementioned purposes or to the extent necessary in relation to the purposes. In this regard, we may disclose your personal data to other companies or relevant regulators relating to the management of TPRIME for internal audit or any necessary reason for the management of TPRIME to be efficient. The companies and regulators have put in place the suitable measures to safeguard your rights and freedom.

7. How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Data

We will retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected or for the lawful purpose or our legitimate interest.

8. Rights of the Data Subject

As a data subject, you may exercise your rights pursuant to any applicable laws as follow:

(1) Right to revoke the consent;

(2) Right to access your personal data;

(3) Right to alter person data;

(4) Right to erase personal data;

(5) Right to restrict the use of personal data;

(6) Right to request to send or transfer personal data; and

(7) Right to object the processing of personal data, except for the following circumstances:

  1. inconsistent with or do not comply with the rights pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562, laws or other related notice;
  2. inconsistent with a provision of a law or court order;
  3. affect the rights and freedoms of others;
  4. does not act in good faith, extravagant request or unreasonable;
  5. affect investigation, rights of other people in legal proceedings or adjudication proceedings.

9. Change of Privacy Policy

We will review, develop and amend this Privacy Policy regularly to ensure its compliance with relevant practices, law and regulation. We suggest that you should read this Privacy Policy every time you visit our website to be aware of our updated policy.

10. Contact Us

SCCP REIT Company Limited.

Address : 388 Exchange Tower 17th Floor, Unit 1701-2, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110

Telephone : 0-2258-4515

Email : info@sccpreit.com

This Privacy Policy was created on May 8, 2020. by SCCP REIT Company Limited., REIT Manager of Thailand Prime Property Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust (TPRIME).